Writing is not an easy task that anyone can do just by grabbing a pen and a piece of paper. Rather, it is a systematic approach that requires the creation of words and sentences in a meaningful format. It is an ability that comes with regular practice. In addition to that, writing an essay is a more daunting task than writing any other document. Essay writing has always been challenging for students of all academic levels, especially when they have to meet the standards set by their educational institutions. Throughout their academic life, students are asked to write essays on various topics. Writing an essay is undoubtedly a time consuming process and one just cannot complete an essay overnight to meet the deadline next day. This is the reason why students feel the need to hire an online essay writing service.

Nowadays, there are many writing services online that are offering their flawless services to students around the world. Previously, there were physical stores that provided students with ready-made essays on different topics, but with the development of internet and e-commerce, students can now get customized essays according to their demands. It means that now students get tailor-made essays that cater to their specific needs and requirements. Following are a number of benefits that you can get by hiring an online essay writing service:

1. Team of professionals
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5. Live 24/7 customer support
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6. Money back guarantee
Many essay writing companies now offer 100% money back guarantee if in any case you are not satisfied with their service. You can check for this feature in the “privacy policy” section of the website.

Writing a strong essay requires skills with expressive writing. It is always an articulate essay that makes an impact on mind of the readers. However, it takes skills and talent to write an essay that speaks for your thoughts. So understandably, an articulate essay depends on how well you can put your thoughts into words. Your essay must be able to make a difference between great writing and average writing. Here I will guide you to achieve this task with practical tips and techniques.

Given below are four effective tips for writing a strong essay and make an impression with strong writing:


A thesis statement is the strongest part of an essay. It presents your standpoint on the topic you are going to discuss in the essay. The thesis statement serves two main purposes: support or refute a point and sets the tone of your essay. For the first purpose, your essay must come up with solid reasons to agree or disagree with the thesis statement of your essay. While for the second purpose, you must use powerful words to establish the tone of your writing.


Brainstorming is an effective method for generating great ideas for your thesis statement. For writing a strong essay, you must support your argument with strong and vivid ideas. Considering your thesis statement, write down some relevant points. While generating ideas for your thesis, you may come across with many points pertaining to your topic. But you do not need to stop your thought process and come up with as many points as possible, you can filter them later. You may also develop an outline at this stage to guide you for the rest of your essay.

Write a Compelling Body

The body paragraphs serve as building blocks of an essay. These body paragraphs are supported by the arguments that are pillars of these building blocks. So naturally, the building blocks will be as strong as the arguments itself. For the number of paragraphs, you may write as many paragraphs as the topic requires. But to write a compelling body paragraphs, you have to effectively align your arguments with the thesis. Use evidence and facts to solidify your thesis.

Finish with a Powerful Way

A strong conclusion plays a major role to conclude an essay with an impact. Your conclusion must summarize your whole discussion and remind the readers about the gist of your essay. At the same time, it must reflect on the points presented in the body of the essay. A good conclusion must clear all the questions that may come into mind of the readers pertaining to the subject.

An informative essay is a common type of essay. The purpose of an informative essay is to inform and educate the readers about topics that they may not know. An informative essay educates an idea, reveal a fact, or explain a process. For an informative essay, you have to think as a reader in order to craft your paper in way that can best convey a message. A five paragraph essay is perfect to write an informative essay on any topic. The five paragraph essay is similar in format of any essay with the only exception of two additional body paragraphs.

Firstly, you have to create a list of questions the readers more likely think about the topic.

Come up with three main points to discuss in the essay and gather relevant information. Use the questions list to generate the main points.

Create an outline. Organize the information into three separate paragraphs, each focusing on a single point. Considering the main point of a paragraph, write down the information pertaining to that point. For example, if you are writing about the causes of World War II, you could consider points such as Imperialism, Fascism and Nationalism. To expand a point, you can describe it further in the outline. In the paragraph for imperialism, you can list reasons such as Hitler’s obsession for a greater Germany, Japan’s aspirations for larger territory and Benito’s Mussolini’s dream of New Roman Empire. Repeat this process for the rest of the paragraphs.

Begin writing the essay. Start with the introduction of your topic and describe it in a few sentences. Discuss the ideas from the outline to give background information about your topic. For writing the causes of World War II, you can introduce the readers about the background and circumstances of World War II. Here you can include ideas such as imperialism, Fascism and Nationalism.

In the second paragraph, you will elaborate on the first idea stated in the introductory paragraph. Here you will explain the idea with the supporting point and evidence. You will provide the facts to reinforce your points and explain things in detail. Use your outline to organize information into the paragraphs. For an essay on the causes of World War II, discuss the ideas related with Imperialism in this paragraph. Continue this step for the remaining body paragraphs.

In the concluding paragraph, you will summarize your whole essay including the main points and what you learned from those points. It must condense the essence of your whole discussion into few sentences, reminding the readers about the purpose of your essay. For concluding an essay on the causes of World War II, you can inform the readers how racism, hatred and misuse of power lead to World War II and why war must be avoided in the future.

Essay writing is an organized form of writing that has a definite format and tone. Similar to any type of rhetoric writing, it has four major genres: (1) exposition (2) argumentation (3) description and (4) narration. While all of these genres have their own set of challenges, writing an argumentative essay can be a little trickier if certain consideration are not taken. This article will discuss this popular form of essay writing and will provide tips for crafting one with success.

Remember the rules of writing an introductory paragraph for an argumentative essay. The introductory paragraph starts with a broad statement, giving the background information about your topic. It gets narrower as you build towards the conclusion. Lastly, you state the thesis statement that presents your position on the issue.

Understand the rules for writing body of an argumentative essay. As with any other essay types, the body paragraph comes after the introduction in an argumentative essay. In this paragraph, you will discuss in detail about your topic and will build your argument for or against it. Here you will also talk about other’s point of views about the topic and will argue or counter-argue them. Each of your paragraphs must reflect back to your thesis statement.

Make sure to write a proper concluding paragraph for an argumentative essay. In this paragraph, you will go over your essay and condense the whole discussion into fewer sentences. Here you will also prompt your audience for further investigation in your area if necessary. However you will not add here any new argument. The goal of writing conclusion is to provide an overview of the discussion and not to start a new discussion.


It is always better to do some prewriting before writing an argumentative essay. This helps you fine-tune your arguments and build a strong discussion for or against a topic.

Get feedback from friends for the content, style and tone of your essay. Having a second pair of eyes can get you a good opinion or draw your attention to a major flaw or loophole in your discussion.

Never mistake an argumentative essay for an expository essay. There is a prominent difference between both of these essay types. An expository essay does not require as much research as of an argumentative essay and is therefore significantly shorter than argumentative paper.

Remember the above mentioned rules for writing an argumentative essay that can make an impact on the readers.