Writing A Query Letter: 5 Must-Read Tips!

Query letters are written to an editor or a publishing company to consider a research project or report. The basic intent of writing a letter of query is to sell a literary idea. Writing a query letter will help you introduce your idea to the editor and showcase your writing skills and experience to the recipient. In case you are wondering on ‘how to write a query letter’, this article will serve as a guide to help you accomplish this task.

1. Inspire the Reader
In the introductory paragraph of your query letter, you have to give reasons for writing the letter. Start your letter with an attention-grabbing line so that the reader read on your letter to the end. Editors are busy people, who have plethora of projects to complete, so they may forget you if you fail to inspire them in the beginning.

2. Be Precise
Keep your letter brief and short. Write to the point and avoid any unnecessary or irrelevant points. Your letter should serve as a sales pitch of your project, outlining the highlights of your topic. Your proposal should provide in bullets a concise description of your topic and its major points. At the same time, it should be interesting and inspiring to read.

3. Sell Yourself
You have to convince the publisher that you are a safe bet. So you have to show in a separate section a list of your previous works. Here you will provide the academic and professional background relevant to the writing field. To sum up, you have to sell yourself as a potential and promising writer to the editor.

4. Ask Formally
In the query letter, you will also include a section where you will formally request the recipient to publish your work. Here you have to convince him that you have researched the project thoroughly and have a meticulous outline available, covering every aspect of your project. You have to assure him that you will complete the project within the set deadlines.

5. Include your Previous Works
In case you are writing to a magazine or journal editor, then you can include some of your best pieces from your previous work. Add 2-3 copies of your previous work with your letter.



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