Important Rules to Remember When Writing a Resignation Letter

While a resignation letter bid the farewell to your current employer, you must craft it in the most acceptable manner in order to make an impact.

Start writing your resignation letter by addressing your recipient. Make sure to use the formal salutations such as “Dear Mr. Joe” or “Dear Ms. Cathie”.

Make the recipient known that you are leaving from the job. Be respectful when writing the letter, even if you are leaving the job due to any differences with the company’s employees. Use proper language and formal tone while crafting the letter in accordance with the professional ethics. For example, “With due respect, I beg to say that I am leaving this job due to (reason). Please accept my letter of resignation with effect from (date). I feel really privileged and honored to be the part of this company”.

In the next paragraph, you have to give your reasons for leaving the job. For example, “Since I have accepted my new job with XYZ Company, I will not be available from (date).”  You can include other reasons for your resignation such as relocation, medical issues or attending new classes.

Be courteous and offer your help regarding any concerns about the job. For example, “It will be my pleasure to help you in any capacity for this matter” or “I will provide you with the status of my projects at the earliest time possible.”

While concluding the letter, you must acknowledge the employer for giving you the opportunity to groom your skills and abilities. Your previous employer could turn out to be a good resource for any of your future jobs. Sum up your letter on a positive note such as “Hopefully, my experience here will benefit me later in my career.”

Finish up the letter while being polite and humble, using phrases such as “Yours Sincerely” and “Yours Truly” and then sign your letter.

Always type your letter instead of writing it.

Get a copy of the resignation letter before handing it over to the employer.

Never badmouth about any of the employees in the company. This will imply lack of professional ethics and will show you in bad light.



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