Getting a new job is both exciting and apprehensive at the same time. You are thrilled to explore new horizons of your career and are equally concerned for anything that might cause you any trouble in the future. So you want to express your gratitude and state your reservations if any. Writing a proper job acceptance letter can do both things for you. However, it is always a well-crafted and well-structured acceptance letter that put across the right message to the employer. Therefore, it is important to know the tips to write a proper job acceptance letter that will truly reflect your feeling about the job. Here I will guide you on how to write a job acceptance letter, just read on this article:  

• Prepare a list of terms and conditions of your job position to include in the offer letter in order to remind the employer.

• Write the offer letter in business letter format, writing your name and contact information at the top.

• Address the recipient with an appropriate title. Start by acknowledging them for the offered job position and then express your consent for the offer.

• Mention all the terms of your job. Here you will restate the position, salary, joining date, and the total time you will commit to your job.

• You will also discuss here other important issues that you consider necessary or that you need a clarification.

• Show your gratitude discreetly. Say how much you are pleased to get the job and talk about the things that you are looking forward in your job.

Important Tips!

• It is always better to type your offer letter than write. This will give a more professional and sophisticated look to your letter and will also conceal the flaws in your writing. Write concisely and do not go over one page. Use the standard font style for a business letter. Do not forget to sign the letter before sending it.

• Be polite and humble. Never include any slang word or phrase in an acceptance letter that might sound in a bad taste. Writing offer letter does not necessarily means you are hired. Any derogatory comment or remarks may offend the employer and dismiss his offer straightaway.

• Never send your acceptance letter without proofreading it. Maintain a professional attitude to show the employer that he has not made any mistake by hiring you.



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